Wynne Howell    

Victory Over Temptation Audio Download MP3 40 min
From James 1:12-14 Wynne shares a powerful message about how the believer can maintain victory over temptation.

Why Serve Him? Audio Download MP3 28 Min
Wynne shares his testimony of finding Christ as a professional gambler and drunk and on the skids.
All believers will stand before the judgment seat of Christ! Will it be a time of blessing or disappointment for you?

20-20 Vision? Audio Download MP3 37 min
Are you near or far sighted or are you God sighted?

The Five Triumphal Entries Audio Download MP3 21 min
This message is one of the most often downloaded from our web site. It is the third message from the "Resurrection Joy" series from 2008. Wynne reveals that there is more than one triumphal entry!