After the funeral

and the will has been read
and the money been spent
what will people remember you for?

When David said, "One generation will praise your works to another" (Psalm 145:4) I don't think he was talking about how successful a person lived their life. Instead I think he meant that what people should remember,  is what God did for us, to us and through us.

Create A Testimony That is a Legacy
Here's how to create a simple but powerful testimony that will be a legacy for your family and friends 'right now' and far beyond your time here.

A. Use Psalm 145 As a Model
  • Psalm 145:4-7 lists seven things that are the ‘responsibility’ of one generation to pass on to the next generation. You can create a legacy to the work of God in your life by writing out or recording some of the major events in your life using this passage as a guide.
  • If you want to study the passage first, you can listen to "Generational TransitionsMP3 43 min  Handout PDF   Sermon Notes PDF
  • Review the outline of Psalm 145:4-7 below
B. Make Your Lists
  • Start by making a list of the defining events in your life. You may want to look at your life in 10-year segments, picking one event for every 10-years.
  • Then make a list of all your favorite scriptures. You'll need at least one scripture for each event you talk about.
  • Next list at least one or two people related to each event that you will want to include in your testimony.
C. Start Writing or Recording
  • Even if you record your testimony/legacy it will be helpful to write it out first.
  • Keep in mind that you are doing this with the express purpose to give God glory for what He's done in your life. So make sure to explain that aspect of the event.
  • If you need more help or ideas you can listen to my personal testimony using the Psalm 145 model. MP3 40 min
  Psalm 145:4-7 - An Overview           

    1. Mighty Acts 145:4b
  • Creating all things out of nothing Gen 1
  • Upholding all things by the word of His power Col 1:15-18
  • His mighty acts of grace in salvation Eph 2:4-10
  • Victory over Satan, the world and death Rev 20-21
    2. Glory and Majesty 145:5a
  • The majesty of the Messiah Psa 93:1
  • The glory of the Son John 2:11
  • His glory as Mediator 1 Tim 2:5
  • The Lord and King of glory Psalm 24:8
    3. Wondrous Works 145:5b
  • Working of miracles John 2:11
  • Rising from the dead  1 Cor 15:20
  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:4
    4. Awesome (Terrible) Acts 145:6a
  • Destruction of the disobedient by a flood Gen 7-8
  • The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Gen 19:24
  • Deliverance from Egypt Exodus 5-12
    5. Greatness of God 145:6b
  • Greatness above all other things Psalm 95:3
  • Greatness of His person Psalm 48:1
    6. Goodness 145:7a
  • Leads us to repentance Rom 2:4
  • Everlasting goodness Psalm 27:3
    7. Righteousness 145:7b
  • His essential righteousness as God 2 Peter 1:1
  • His righteousness as Mediator Heb 12:24

"All growth that is not toward God is growing to decay."
George Macdonald (1824–1905)


"What's Worth Remembering?"
Hope for the future is based on the memories of the past--which help bring meaning to the present.
Joshua 4:1-9

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