Why The Cross
Resurrection 2010
The Greatest Sign

The life of the Messiah was filled with many signs,wonders and miracles. However, none of the mighty works and great preaching that He did fulfilled His true purpose for coming to this earth.  It was His death on the cross and resurrection that made salvation possible—and to make salvation possible is why He came.

  1. The Messiah -- The Mediator
    Why the Cross? Resurrection 2010
  2. What Must the Messiah Do?
    Why the Cross? Resurrection 2010
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  3. What Is The True Meaning of the Cross?
    The power of the cross! The five key words regarding the death of Christ: Substitution, atonement, propitiation, reconciliation, redemption.
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  4. For Whom Did Christ Die?
    It is enough--Unlimited Atonement
  5. Why the Resurrection?
    Apart from the resurrection, the death of Christ would have no meaning.
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  6. To Go or To Let Go?
    Palm Sunday: How AVAILABLE are you to serve the Lord?
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