Decade of Availability
Available to God - Available to Others
Go pray for someone today!

Equipping and Sending
Equipped to Demonstrate: Power/Prayer/Cure/Care
Equipped to Articulate: Witness/Share/Preach/Teach
Join us as we study the last half of the Book of Acts and follow Paul as he both demonstrates and articulates the Gospel. The only 'leadership' manual is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In 2011 Judy and I celebrated our 20th year at the Village Church. All year I had been praying and asking God for a new vision for me and for our congregation. Near the end of the year He started to birth a wonderful vision around the theme of being 'available' to God in mission and ministry.

Will you be available to the Holy Spirit?

Our theme for the decade is:
"Will you be available to the Holy Spirit?" Our congregation is already experiencing a wonderful revival of 'availability' as we pray for strangers and neighbors everywhere we meet them. Strangers are becoming friends and are experiencing salvation and healing! Our daily challenge is:

Go and pray for someone today!

We Believe
That we possess the capacity to hear God's voice
Receive ministry assignments
Speak and act on Christ's behalf
Build up the Church

Pastor Mike
January 2014