The Book of Romans

  1. Romans 1:1-7 "Slave-Sent-Separated" Why character trumps calling.
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  2. Romans 1:8-17 "Living by Faith" My faith, our faith and saving faith. Right standing does not automatically mean right living. How to NOT be ashamed of the gospel.
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  3. Romans 1:18-32 'The Wrath of God: Really' The just live by faith--what about the unjust?
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  4. Romans 2:1-16 "Human vs. Divine Judgment" Why it's best to let God be the judge!
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   5. Romans 2:17-29 "Profession & Performance" Does it matter how we live?
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   6. Romans 3:1-20 "When God Speaks" -- The Oracles of God
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   7. Romans 3:21-31 "Law of Faith" Not under law for salvation but
       always under the law as a way of life.
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   8. Romans 4:1-25 "Are You Convinced?" Paul uses Abraham and David to teach on faith.
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   9. Romans 5:1-11 "Peace with God" God's two kinds of peace: Peace WITH and peace OF
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