Resurrection Joy
What Jesus had to say about His resurrection!
(Teaching Series March 2008)

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd
gives His life for the sheep."
Jesus John 10:11

  1. Resurrection Authority [Message 1]
    Both David and Jesus fought against the foes of the faith. Both were called 'shepherds.' Jesus was both the 'Son of David' and the 'Father of David.' Here Jesus explains why He is the 'good shepherd' and why He must die and rise again.

  2. Jesus Goes Before Us [Message 2]
    The resurrection power of Jesus goes before us in all things!
    From Matthew 26:32
  3. The Five Triumphal Entries [Message 3]
    Chaplain Wynne Howell reveals there is more than one triumphal entry!
  4. For This Purpose I Came [Message 4]
    How Mary (sister of Lazarus), the disciples, the Gentiles, the Pharisees and you and I are touched by the 'Triumphal Entry" of Jesus.
  5. Seven Last Words Of Jesus [Message 5]
    Good Friday service with (L-R) Pastor Austin Shelton,
    Pastor Darrell Ward, Pastor Mike Bayer,
    Chaplain Richard Alf and Larry Gilbert (not pictured).
    • MP3 45 min March 21, 2008

  6. Resurrection Faith [Message 6]
    The faith of the women disciples is remarkable! Only they saw the angels and Jesus in the resurrection garden. Why?
    MP3 28 min March 23, 2008