Restoring Holiness
From the book of Malachi
August-September 2008

The Old Testament book of Malachi is a powerful call to return to ‘authentic faith.’ 100-years after the Temple had been rebuilt the people had lost their enthusiasm for worship and God. They had fallen into sin and apathy and lost the vision that God had given them—they had become an unholy people. But Jehovah gave them hope and gives us hope today when He says, “Return to me, and I will return to you!”

  1. Love and Holiness
    Introduction to the series "Restoring Holiness" from the book of Malachi.
    Is it possible to live a holy life?
  2. Holiness and Worship
    What is authentic worship?
  3. Holiness and Leadership: What Happened to Godly Leaders?
    It's time to restore holiness to the church and especially to the leadership of the church.
  4. Holiness and Relationships
    Restoring holiness from the book of Malachi.
  5. Holiness and Life Malachi 2:17-3:5
    How to walk in holiness when life is unfair.
  6. Holiness and Worldliness Malachi 3:8-18
    Do not let your heart be chained to the things that are passing away.
  7. Holiness and the End Times Malachi 4
    Malachi concludes his "burden" with an appeal for present holiness based on future events.
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