The Book of Psalms

  • Psalm 1 Rooted or Ruined?
    A communion devotion from Psalm 1. If you are not rooted
    in the Word you are headed for ruin.
  • Psalm 20 In God We Trust
    Seven statements of trust from Psalm 20.
  • Psalm 91 My Refuge and Fortress
    Have you ever wanted to run and hide? If you know Christ as your savior you do not have to run, but you can be hidden by His Mighty hand of protection!
  • Psalm 118  Last Supper -- Last Song
    The Psalm that Jesus sang at the Last Supper.
  • Psalm 126 Streams In The Desert--Harvest of Joy
    A dream comes true, a desert blooms and a door is opened.
  • Psalm 91 Your Secret Place
    Patricia Hulsey
    shares insights into the presence of God.
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