God’s Provision for Healing!
Like salvation, God has made provision for healing—actually for everything we need. Our sufficiency is in God (2 Cor 3:5). However—we have to make a choice to walk in the provision (sufficiency) that God has provided for us.

 A. King Asa: Faithful but Flawed  2 Chronicles 14-16

  1. Asa leads the greatest military victory in Israel’s history. 14:1-15
  2. Asa did what was good in the  eyes of the LORD. 14:2-3; 15:8-16
  3. Loyal but not thorough! 15:17
  4. Asa fails to seek the Lord in a time of physical need. 16:12
“And in the thirty-ninth year of his reign,
Asa became diseased in his feet,
and his malady was severe;
yet in his disease he did not seek the LORD,
but the physicians.”

B. God’s Creation Provision Genesis 1-2

God created Eden to meet all the needs of mankind. Everything was good for food but God forbid eating of the tree of ‘the knowledge of good and evil.’ God made provision but also required obedience.

C. God’s New Creation Provision Revelation 22:1-5

In God’s new heaven and earth—He makes provision through the tree of life, the same tree of life from Eden!  We shall eat from this tree and the leaves will be for the healing of the nations! (See also Ezekiel 47:1-11)

D. God’s Provision through His Son Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:1-21

As a serpent was lifted up on a bronze pole and those who looked upon it lived (were healed)—so too, the Messiah-Jesus was lifted up on a tree. Those who believe in Him will also live, be saved and be healed.
  1. God has provided everything for life through His son Jesus the Messiah.
  2. Like Asa—being loyal to God is not the answer—obedience to His will unlocks His provision.
  3. We must trust the GREAT Physician (Jesus) as our healer and sufficiency. We recognize the good that earthly physicians (doctors) can do—but remember that they are limited in what they can do.
  4. Healing for a nation or healing for my illness are available from God for those who “...keep on seeking the LORD.”
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