Perfecting Our Witness
August - September 2008

The Gospels are full of life changing encounters where Jesus shared the ‘truth’ and revealed how we are to be a witness. We will examine ten of these ‘encounters’ that teach the ten truths of being a powerful witness.

  1. Zacchaeus: Instant and Impossible
    Even the most improbable person can be open to the message of the gospel.    
  2. Nicodemus: Truth That Saves
    Jesus answers two questions that we all must have an answer to in order to be truly saved.
  3. The Rich Young Ruler: Seekers and Servants
    The poverty of riches and the riches of poverty.
    •     MP3 31 min. August 24, 2008 Handout PDF
  4. Pharisees: Does Motive Matter?
    It there ever a WRONG time to be the light or for someone to be healed? God never expects more of us than He gives us the power to do!
    • MP3 32 min. Aug 31, 2008 Handout PDF
  5. True Discipleship: Mary and Martha
    God desires affection BEFORE service!