Perfecting Praise

This three-part series teaches the necessity of praise! It is easy to consider 'praise' as optional. However, when praise is elevated to a necessity we discover the power that praising God releases in our life, family, church, work and world.

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  1. The Necessity of Praise(PDF) The relationship between praise and faith, how to
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    choose praise over worry, praise and fruitfulness and the effects of praise on the believer.
    Psalms 45; 50; Deut 28:45-47; Psalms 92 and more.

  2. Praise and Spiritual Warfare (PDF) Perfected praise is ordained strength! When you praise God you invite His 'ruling' presence into the events of your life. 2 Chronicles 12:14; Mat 21:15-16; Psa 8:2; 2 Chronicles 20.
    "The Ruling Presence of God" MP3 40 min

  3. Sacrifice of Praise (PDF) What is the 'sacrifice of praise?' How to minister to God--the effects of praise on God. Heb 13:15; Psalms 22:3; 37:4-7 and more.
    "Enthroning God" MP3 48 minutes
    "What is the Sacrifice of Praise?" MP3 21 Minutes