Perfecting Power [Six MP3 w/Sermon Notes]

Power and Authority: Once we know what God has given us through the Messiah, we will never again live in fear nor see our limitations and lack of resources as a hindrance to ministering to the needs of people.

NOTE: This study DOES NOT support the classical view of Dominion, Kingdom Now, Reconstructionist, or post-millennial theologies where the Church replaces Israel in Biblical prophecy.

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  1. Living in the Power [Lesson 1] Series Introduction
    Message Outline/Handout PDF Biblical definitions of authority and power; how we lost what God gave us in the garden of Eden and how we got it back!
    Audio [No Sermon Notes]------------
    • Living in Power: Audio MP3 35 minutes!
      Bible study background to series.

    • The Believers Authority: Audio MP3 41 minutes!
      The proper understanding and use of the believers Biblical authority.
  2. Authority and Responsibility [Lesson 2]
    Message Outline/Handout    PDF Our responsibility for 'dominion-authority' is two fold: 1) Spiritual warfare and 2) The ministry of reconciliation.
    Audio and Sermon Notes ---------
    • Who Will You Serve? MP3 42 minutes  PDF Sermon notes
      Who you serve will determine the kind of power and authority available to you!
    • Our Responsibility for Authority  MP3 33 minutes  PDF Sermon notes
      God has made us responsible to meet needs that are beyond our ability and resources.
  3. Authority and Maturity [Lesson 3]
    Message Outline/Handout PDF The proper exercise of 'spiritual authority' is dependent on 'spiritual maturity' and submission to authority.
    Audio and Sermon Notes ---------
    • Authority and Maturity MP3 37 minutes PDF Sermon notes
      What is the connection between authority and maturity? What is the difference between 'positional authority' and 'command' authority?
    • Authority and Submission MP3 25 minutes PDF Sermon notes
      In order to have authority I must be under authority. Learn the REAL purpose of exercising authority.