January - February 2008

Perfecting Love: The Way of Excellence

The Bible has a lot to say about love! So does just about anyone you talk to. This series will use 1 Corinthians 13 as an out line for the truth about 'Christian Love.'

  1. The Excellence of Love [Lesson 1]
    Here is the secret to a perfect marriage, a perfect career or a perfect anything! Once you find out what is MOST important in life--it can become what holds everything together!
    • MP3 27 Min     Handout PDF 

  2. LOVE: Being Patient with God [Lesson 2]
    What do you do when God takes His time? Patience with God is loving Him enough to wait for Him to keep His promises in the way, time and place that He as Sovereign Lord chooses!

  3. LOVE: Being Patient with Others [Lesson 3]
    Patient love towards others is the only response we can have once we understand how patient God is in loving us.

  4. Ramping up Love with Lovingkindness [Lesson 4]
    Can you ever remember a time when you regretted having said a kind word?

  5. What Destroys Love? [Lesson 5]
    Learn how to live above four things that will destroy a relationship, marriage, family, neighborhood or church.

  6. What Promotes Love? [Lesson 6]
    Here are three attitudes that promote love where ever you go.

  7. God So Loves [Lesson 7]
    Here is why you must be rooted and grounded in love. This message is based on John 3:16
    MP3 26 Min  Handout PDF

  8. A Revelation of Love [Lesson 8]
    How do we fulfill our responsibility to 'keep' ourselves in the love of God?

  9. The Joy of Love [Lesson 9}
    Learn why love cannot tolerate what is not true.
  10. How Love Endures [Lesson 10]
    Love stands against overwhelming opposition and refuses to stop bearing or stop believing or stop hoping.