Perfecting Joy
A study in the book of Philippians

June - August 2008

  1. What Sustains Joy? [Message 1]
    Here are five things that sustain joy in any situation!
  2. Joy In Spite Of [Message 2]
    What does all the bad stuff matter if Christ is preached?
    • (There is no audio for this messager) Handout PDF

  3. The Joy of Faith [Message 3]
    Self-centered or other-centered: What would you choose?
  4. Joy in Loving Others [Message 4]
    What is the secret of joy filled love towards others?
  5. The Joy of Being A Light [Message 5]
    How to be a light in a troubled world: Work out what God has worked in.
  6. The Joy of A Kindred Spirit [Message 6]
    The joy and power of an eqaul-souled relationship.
  7. The Joy of Gain Through Loss [Message 7]
    How to rejoice in Christ and break our dependence on the flesh.
      MP3 30 min.  Handout PDF

  8. The Joy of Growing In Christ [Message 8]
    Insights about the joy of being a work in progress!
    • MP3 40 min. July 25, 2008 Handout PDF

  9. How To Live in Joy [Message 9]
    No matter the circumstances--you can walk and live in JOY

  10. The Joy of Contentment [Message 10]
    Learn the joy of living above your circumstances!