Perfecting Prayer - October-November 2007
D.L. Moody said, "Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure." Prayer is one of the most valuable assets we have as believers. God allows us to partner with Him to fulfill His purposes on the earth.

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  1. What is Effective Prayer? [Lesson 1]
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    "Prayer is not getting man's will done in heaven, but getting God's will done on earth. It is not overcoming God's reluctance but laying hold of God's willingness." Richard C. Trench.
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • What is Effective Fervent Prayer?
      MP3 35 min. Sermon Notes PDF
      What are you expecting? What are the three essential things for fervent effective prayer?
    • Elijah's Fervent Prayer MP3 30 min. Sermon Notes PDF
      How does Elijah typify effective fervent prayer for every believer?
  2. What is the Prayer of Faith? [Lesson 2]
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    There is a difference between 'praying in faith' and the 'prayer of faith.' Do you know what it is? Are you praying in faith? Have you prayed the 'prayer of faith?'
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • What is the Prayer of Faith?
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  3. What is 'Praying the Word?' [Lesson 3]
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    Learn how to 'Pray the Word' and declare God's truth and will over a person, situation, nation or your own heart!
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • What is 'Praying the Word?'
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  4. What is Praying Through? [Lesson 4]
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    Learn what it means to 'pray through' and press into God's kingdom.
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • How do you Pray Through?
      MP3 42 min Sermon Notes PDF
      Find out what it takes to pray through and what can hinder you from praying through!
    • Dangerous Prayer for Dangerous Times
      MP3 28 min Sermon Notes PDF
      God is looking for a few people that are willing to risk praying 'dangerous prayers.' Are you one of them?
  5. What is the Prayer of Agreement? [Lesson 5]
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    The power of agreeing in prayer for the purposes of God on earth!
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • What is the Prayer of Agreement? MP3 24 min Sermon Notes PDF
      Discover how the Prayer of Agreement 'commands' the blessing of God.
    • Agreeing With God MP3 32 min Sermon Notes PDF
      Before I can join in the Prayer of Agreement with other believers, I need to know how to agree with God. Habakkuk provides the example!
  6. Are You a Builder or Destroyer? [Lesson 6]
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    Jude reveals four steps in becoming a builder of lives and relationships through prayer.

    • Are You a Builder or a Destroyer? MP3 36 min
  7. Prayer and Thankfulness [Lesson 7]
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    Praying with thanksgiving is more powerful than you can imagine. This is MORE than a 'Thanksgiving' message!
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • Seven Things to Praise and be Thankful For MP3 32 min Sermon Notes PDF
      A seven-day prayer strategy that will bring God's power and peace.
    • The Power of Prayer and Thanksgiving MP3 30 min  Sermon Notes PDF
      How to pray with thanksgiving and never worry again.
  8. The Mezuzah Principle: How to Dedicate Your Home To God [Lesson 8]
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    Turn your house into a house of prayer and power. Learn why Jewish custom of placing a mezuzah on each door post of a home is a powerful picture of the God's holiness in your home.
    Audio and Sermon Notes
    • Dedication of Your Home To God MP3 33 Min Sermon Notes PDF
  9. Yada-Yada-Yada: How To Pray for Forgiveness [Lesson 9]
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    Are you a man or woman after Gods own heart? In spite of his great sin why was David called a man after God's own heart? Do you know how to maintain 'yada?'
    Audo MP3 27 min