Restoration and Renewal
April-June 2009

Nehemiah teaches us many things about godly leadership, restoration and authentic renewal. Nehemiah, a lay person who is in the right place at the right time reveals how God desires to use us wherever He has placed us. And along the way--become stronger in our relationship to Him.

  1. Introduction to Ezra-Nehemiah
    Historical overview of Jewish history that lead up to the final rebuilding of the
    walls of Jerusalem
  2. Restoring Intimacy With God
    Godliness starts from an intimacy with God and intimacy with God
    grows out of the wounds of our lives.
  3. Restoring Vision
    What does it take to be a visionary?
  4. Restoring Ministry
    When the people of God work together under inspired leadership
    God will do great things.
  5. Restoring Faith for the Fight
    How to respond to opposition and be positioned for battle.
    From Nehemiah Chapter 4
  6. Restoring Holiness
    Here is how to move from sin to holiness!
    From Nehemiah Chapter 5
    • (No Audio) Handout PDF
  7. Restoring Courage
    Four things you need to know about courage!
    From Nehemiah Chapter 6
  8. Restoring Stewardship
    How to manage leadership, service and resources.
    From Nehemiah Chapter 7
  9. Restoring the Word
    What would it take today for a personal and national revival?
    From Nehemiah Chapter 8
  10. Restoring Commitment
    Confession, praise and commitment!
    From Nehemiah Chapter 9-10
    • (No Audio)  Handout PDF
  11. Restoring Thankfulness
    Do you have a willing heart? 
    From Nehemiah Chapter 11-12
    • (No Audio) 2009 Handout PDF
  12. Restoring Hope
    What do you do when you break your commitment to God? 
    From Nehemiah Chapter 13
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