This section of the Village Alive web site is dedicated to the memory
of those in our congregation who have gone home to be with the Lord.

Creating a Heritage
So many wonderful believers pass away and are soon forgotten. For the most part they were not famous and only known by their family, friends and co-workers. Yet most of them led lives of faith, shared the Gospel, moved mountains, prayed through, and loved God to the end.

On these pages you will read about the many ‘last-will-be-first’ saints from our congregation. We pray this will be a blessing to their families and an encouragement to all who read about their lives.

Generational Blessing
17-years ago the Village Church founded the “Family Prayer Project.” For 17-years our members have listed and updated all of their family members on prayer sheets. We bring those sheets to every service and pray for our family members.

Currently we have nearly 6000 names of the living relatives of our members on these lists. Some of our members have over 100 living family members. When you live to be over 90 you can have a lot of family members.

Our promise to our members is simple: Even when they go home to be with the Lord—we will continue to pray for their family. We now have about 50 members in heaven and continue to lay their family before the throne of God at least three times a week.


"What's Worth Remembering?"
Hope for the future is based on the memories of the past--which help bring meaning to the present.
Joshua 4:1-9

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