The Real Lord’s Prayer John 17
The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
This prayer concludes what is known as the ‘upper room discourse’ [John 13-16] where Jesus prepares His disciples to carry on the Gospel after His death, resurrection and ascension. Jesus prays for Himself, His disciples and the world.

  1. Why Did Jesus Pray for Us? Introduction to John 17
    What is my attitude toward the world? Am I being deceived by something in the world and thus being robbed of reality in Christ? Am I putting myself into a place of danger that could ruin my testimony, my work, my home? Am I secretly being defiled by the world? Am I creating unbiblical divisions instead of encouraging spiritual unity?
  2. The Glory of God
    From the incarnation to the ascension......Jesus completed the work set before Him.
    From John 17:1-5
  3. How Is Jesus Glorified in US?
    So you want to do everything to the glory of God: So does Jesus and here is how.  
    From John 17:6-10
  4. Joyful Oneness
    If Satan can destroy our unity and joy in Jesus he will render our witness to the world ineffective.
    From John 17:11-16
  5. Set Apart to Life and Ministry
    Jesus did not pray that we would be removed from the world--but He did pray that the world would be removed from us!
    From John 17:17-19
  6. Destined To Be One
    Jesus prays that we would be one in our witness and one in glory. How does that happen?
    From John 17:20-23
  7. What Are You Filled With?
    What God forms He fills!
    From John 17:24-26