Living In The Spirit

The Church age is the age of the Holy Spirit. It is important that we know as much about Him as the Word reveals to us. Sound doctrine depends upon a clear understanding of the nature and work of the third Person of the Trinity who dwells in and empowers the Church, the Body of Christ.

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  1. The Spirit and the World
    We must never forget that the Holy Spirit was already working BEFORE the Day of Pentecost.    
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  2. The Spirit and Jesus
    In John 16:14 Jesus said of the Holy Spirit, "He shall glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you." Without the Holy Spirit, we would know little about the Messiah-Jesus.
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  3. The Spirit of Comfort
    The reason that the Holy Spirit can give comfort and is called the Comforter is that He has a personaity with feelings, intellegence and a will. Also His names reveal much about who He is and what He does.    
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  4. The Spirit: Purity Before Power
    Before we can enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit we need to make sure He knows He is welcome. Here are the six things that will choke off the flow of the Spirit in your life.     
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  5. Spirit and Fruitfulness
    Character always leads capability. The fruit of the Spirit must come before the gifts of the Spirit.
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  6. Walk Don't Run
    Living the character of Christ--the fruit of the Spirit.
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  7. Spirit Transformation
    God has called us to be ‘pioneers’ not ‘settlers.’ We are to ‘walk in the Spirit,’ that means keep growing in Him. Our destination does NOT have an address here on earth. Our growth and work in the kingdom here is NEVER done. We are to be transformed into His image.
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