The Gospel of John
Chapters 1-12
John is unique among the gospels. The first three, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, are known as the Synoptics (from a Greek word meaning “to see together”) because of their similarities to each other. However, in John we find the solution of the mysteries of the Synoptics—the revelation of the Deity of the Messiah.

  1. Introduction to the Gospel of John 1-12
    The seven great miracles and seven "I Am" statements help form an outline of the Gospel.
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  2. Introduction to John Chapter 1
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  3. John Chapter 1:1-5 Who is the Word?
    The meaning of the "Word" the 'logos' of God. Why the deity of Christ is a fundamental nonnegotiable truth of the faith.
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  4. John 1:6-13 "Let The Light Shine"
    Bringing the light, rejecting the light and accepting the light!
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  5. John 1:14-18 "Receiving the Fullness of Christ"
    The Word becomes flesh, the Word dwells among us and the Word dwells in us.
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  6. John 1:19-34 "Being a Witness"
    We have a lot to learn from how John the Baptizer 'the voice' who was the first witness to Jesus.
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  7. John 1:35-51 "Finding the Messiah"
    Did you find God or did He find you?
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  8.  John 2:1-11 "Wedding Miracle: Supply and Demand"
    When supply runs out Jesus is our provision.
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  9. John 2:12-25 "Signs of Life"
    Does your heart break for the things that break the heart of God?
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  10. John 3:1-15 "Born Again"
    What does it really mean to be born again?
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  11. John 3:14-21 God So Loved
    God's love prompted Him to endure the horror and suffering leading up to and on the cross. Here is love lifted up, come down and the light that lights the world.
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  12. John 3:22-36 He Must Increase--I Must Decrease
    Learning to live with less of me and more of Jesus!
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  13. John 4:1-12 Come To The Water
    Jesus reveals that He is the great provision for all of our needs.
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  14. John 4:27-42 The Harvest
    Sowing, reaping and cross cultural ministry is the Jesus-model.
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  15. John 4:43-54 Incremental Faith?
    How the healing of the Nobel man's son reveals the progression of faith over time and through circumstances.
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