Jesus Birth: Before and After [December 2007]

How the events before and after the birth of Jesus the Messiah impact the lives of ordinary people.

  1. "The Unexpected Expectation"
    What is God preparing for you? Or better: What is God preparing you for? Like Zacharias and Elizabeth, you're never too old to be a part of God's plan for someone or for a nation.
    • MP3 27 min   Handout/Outline PDF
  2. "Wisdom and Worship"
    The distance between 'knowledge' and the presence of God is often a long journey. What are you willing to give unto God out of the treasures of your heart and life?
    • MP3 20 min  Handout/Outline PDF
  3. "Treasures From the Family Tree"Matthew's genealogy reveals some wonderful truths.
  4. "God is REALLY With Us"
    What did Emmanuel mean to Isaiah and Matthew? And what does Emmanuel mean to you?

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