The Incarnation and the Light

November - December 2012

Four messages that reveal the wonder of how God revealed Himself in the Incarnation!

Chuck Pereau O Holy Night
  1. The Light of the World
    The Incarnation (God born in the flesh) is the manifestation of the Light of God on the earth. So why is the Incarnation so important? Because who Christ IS will determine WHAT He is able to do. And also who we are and what we are able to do and be.
    In this first of four messages we find out what Gen 1:1-3, John 1:1-5 and Revelation 21 and 22 reveal about the Incarnation.
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  2. Zacharias & Elizabeth and the Light
    Lessons about 'bareness' 'faith' and the Light of John the Baptist. But without these two aged blameless Jews there would be no John the Baptist and no one to go in spirit and power of Elijah. What ever your 'bareness' God wants to live the LIGHT.
    MP3 audio 39 min   PDF Handout
  3. Mary & The Light
    Because of the Incarnation we can say, "Christ in us the hope of Glory." But why did God
    choose Mary? Was she sinless? Why was she favored? Why are you favored?
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  4. Simeon and the Light
    What has God told you that He'll do before you die? Are your ready to be faithful to
    His plan for your life?
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  5. Anna & The Light
    Anna was the first evangelist--served the Lord day and night and lived a long and full life. She is a wonderful model for all believers.
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