Healing Service
First Friday of every month 10:15 a.m.
Clubhouse 3, Rehearsal Room at Laguna Woods Village

Healing Service MP3 34 Min Oct 5, 2007
Debbie Lurker ministering and sharing her healing testimony
and Kathy Wallen leading worship!

Healing Service MP3  24 Min Sept 7, 2007
Worship led by Kathy Wallen

Every 'first Sunday' of the month I usually preach a healing message! Here are a few of the outlines for 2007.    ...Pastor Mike
  1. Healing Acts of Faith MP3 John 5:1-8 Stirring up faith! (Sept 2007)
  2. Faith the Heals Mark 5:21-43 Two stories of faith!
  3. Give I Thee 3:6 We cannot give away something that we do not FIRST possess!
  4. Provision for Healing 2 Chron 14-16 We have to make a choice to walk in the provision (sufficiency) that God has provided for us.
  5. Healing Faith for Others Luke 5:17-26 How wonderful that God would recognize our faith for a loved one, friend or anyone!
  6. Too Old to be Healed? Ex 15:22-27 If you ain't dead--you ain't done!