Randy Ross "Becoming a Veteran"  PDF  MP3
November 11, 2012

Pastor Ron Gravel "Jonah" MP3
November 4, 2012

Pastor Darrell Ward "Who Would God Vote For?" MP3
October 28, 2012

Receiving A Resurrection Blessing
Guest speaker CSU Long Beach professor Bill Jaynes shares four  resurrection blessings from John 20.
   MP3 Audio  Sun Jan 23, 2011

Austin Shelton

Good Shepherd Psalm 23"
MP3 Audio 30 Min

Pastor Shelton attends the Village Church of Laguna Woods and has been an Assembly of God pastor for more than 50 years.

"How To Bless a Generation"
Rev. Ron Brown,
Director, Teen Challenge Orange County California
How to leave a legacy of faith and power!
MP3 27 min Father's Day  2008

Doris Turnbull
Mother's Day 2008
Writer, teacher and missionary!
MP3 28 min

Brian Zuckerman: How To Bless The Jewish People
Audio MP3 33 min

Brian was reared in a Reform/secular Jewish home. He always believed that there was a God, and that the Jewish people were chosen. What he did not know is that God loved him. Since then, he has learned that God cares more about where Brian is than were he has been because He has sent His Son, Yeshua, who died for him and rose again to reconcile Brian to the Father.

Brian has served as a volunteer for CJF Ministries in Las Vegas, Nevada for three years. Brian is also a founding member of the Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Las Vegas Nevada. He is a graduate of Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa.

Sam Parsons  "Jesus The Word"
Sam shares a message of hope, salvation and joy--and also sings "In the Garden.
" MP3 39min

Duff Rowden
A short but powerful testimony about the Colorado YWAM shooting.
 MP3 6 min