God I Need You:
Who can save, rescue and assure me of eternal salvation?
by Robert Fenn

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You try to shut out the conscience when it tells you that you are guilty and deserve to face judgment and punishment. Even if you do not believe in God, this invisible written law of God exists in every human heart: there is a God and a judgment day. We are, in a sense, ‘prisoners of our own souls’. We are aware of all the best efforts we take to be good and moral, yet fail miserably. Our secret sins haunt us about a God to whom we are accountable. The sin nature with which we are born makes us slaves to sin and we are never free from its tyranny. We sin because we are sinners. We try to do well, but end up doing the very same things we do not want to. We decide to change this detestable behavior but whenever the opportunity arises we go right ahead and do the very same thing again and again. What a miserable state of slavery that is! When you say God I Need You He responds by rescuing you from slavery to true freedom and liberty in Christ Jesus without your efforts or good works.