The Battle at Kruger

The Fight at Kruger Watch the Video
The amazing struggle between a baby water buffalo a pack of lions a crocodile and a herd of water buffalo. Shot at Kruger National Park in South Africa this amazing video reminds me of Psalms 34:10.
     "The young lions lack and suffer hunger;

      But those who seek the Lord
      shall not lack any good thing."

Lesson at Kruger
The Ruling
Presence of God!
 Pastor Mike uses the
 Fight at Kruger as a
 concluding sermon
 illustration for
 2 Chronicles 20.
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     As you watch the video "Fight at Kruger" you may find yourself identifying with the baby water buffalo. I sure did. At one time or another-most of us have felt trapped in the claws and teeth of the lions and crocodiles of life.
     Just when you think it could get no worse-one more trial, one more heartbreak, one more terrifying event or circumstance shows up.
     David in Psalm 34:1-3 says, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth." However, when you're the captured baby water buffalo, it's nearly impossible to 'praise the Lord at all times.' But I do think that is exactly what David is saying.
     As I enter into that kind of sustained praise the Lord manifests Himself and surrounds me with His protective and ruling presence.

"The Angel of the Lord encamps all around those
 who fear Him, and delivers them." Psa 34:7

      When I saw the heard of water buffalo coming to the rescue I was reminded of this 'encamping all around' concept. I've had many a 'herd of buffalo' rescue me in the past. They were other believers who gathered around me to pray for me and fight the spiritual fight with and for me.
      If you're feeling like the baby water buffalo in 'Fight at Kruger' be assured that God wants to surround you with His loving and protective and ruling presence. This  kind of God-presence comes to those who 'fear the Lord.'
      The fear of the Lord is simply the Old Testament expression of 'faith' (compare Gen 22:12 and Heb 11:17).  For those who have 'faith' in God-He sends His protective and ruling presence. It can come in many ways and many forms-but it will be from Him.

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