Healing Faith  For Others
Luke 5:17-26
Do you have family and friends who need healing or salvation?
Based on the faith that Jesus saw in a few friends of a sick man—He touched
the sick man and healed him and forgave him of his sins.  How wonderful it is that God would recognize our ‘faith’ for a loved one.
Do have this kind of faith?

A. Present to Heal :17

  1. The Gathering: As Jesus is teaching in Capernaum a crowd gathered including those who opposed Him.
  2. The ’power’ and ’spirit’ of the Lord are one and the same in Luke. “And the Spirit of the Lord is upon me…” Luke 4:18
  3. His Presence: Where the Lord is—He is ’present’ to pour out His salvation and healing.

B. Faith You Can See :18-20

  1. Faithful Persistence: Four men bring a paralyzed friend to Jesus but can’t get through the crowd so they make a hole in the roof to get him in. That’s real persistence—and Jesus saw they were motivated by ‘faith.’
  2. God Responds: This passage teaches us that God responds to the intercession and faithful action of others regarding a person in need. Heb 11:6; Jam 2:17.

C. Saving/Healing Faith :20-25

  1. First things First: Jesus first forgives the mans sins. This implies that the man had ‘saving faith’ already working and he was ready to believe in Yeshua as his Messiah.
  2. Jesus Challenged: The Pharisees saw this action as blasphemy since no one but God could forgive sin.
  3. Which Is Easier? Jesus poses a question to them: “Is it easier to say you are forgiven or rise up and walk?” Neither was easy—but it was easier to say your sins are forgiven since there is no way to prove it.
  4. Rise Up And Walk: It was harder to say ‘rise up and walk’ because you could immediately see if it came to pass. AND—if Jesus could do the harder thing—He could also do the easier thing!
The Spirit and power of God is present to forgive sins and heal today!
Who in your life are you ‘believing’ for salvation and healing?
Don’t give up, bring them to Jesus and let Him do the work.

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