The 10 Commandments
Without the law there is no freedom in life!
Exodus 20:1-17
The 10 Commandments were first spoken by God in an audible voice to the people of Israel and then personally written on two tablets of
stone by the finger of God. If we know the Messiah as Savior and Lord—God has written them on our hearts!

  1. The Law and Life - Introduction to the Ten Commandments
    Without the law there is no freedom in life!

    From Exodus 20:1-2

  2. No Other Gods
    From the First Commandment: Who will you Choose?
    From Exodus 20:3

  3. Worship God the Right Way
    From the Second Commandment: It is all about image!
    From Exodus 20:4-6

  4. Name Above All Names
    From the Third Commandment: Why is His name Wonderful?
    From Exodus 20:7

  5. The Law of Work and Rest
    From the Fourth Commandment: God is a working-resting God!
    From Exodus 20:8-11

  6. The Power of Honor
    From the Fifth Commandment: Preserving the family!
    From Exodus 20:12

  7. The Power of Life
    From the Sixth Commandment: Preserving Life
    From Exodus 20:13

  8. The Power of Purity
    From the Seventh Commandment: Purity and Sexuality
    From Exodus 20:14

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  9. The Power of Honesty
    From the Eighth Commandment: What belongs to God?
    From Exodus 20:15

  10. The Power of Truth
    From the Ninth Commandment: Nothing but the Truth
    From Exodus 20:16

  11. The Power of Contentedness
    From the Tenth Commandment: Desire the Best
    From Exodus 20:17

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