Here Am I - Send Me
Our vision for 2012 is:
"Will you be available to the Holy Spirit?"
Our congregation is experiencing a wonderful revival of 'availability' as we pray for strangers and neighbors everywhere we meet them. Strangers are becoming friends and are experiencing salvation and healing!
These messages will explore our vision for 2012!

  1. What Am I Sent to Do?
    From Isaiah 6:5-8; Matt 28:19-20 and Luke 4. What is the difference between a 'commission' and a 'mission?' What is your mission? What is the secret for you to fulfill God's mission in your life?
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  2. How Do I Fulfill Mission?
    Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit.
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    The Book of Acts

  3. Are You Prepared to be Used by God in His Work?
    From Acts 1:1-11 The We must believe, receive and hope as a way of being prepared for His work. This covers the past present and the future.
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  4. Empowered with Prophetic Speech
    From Acts 2:1-4 The Holy Spirit is waiting to empower your speech so that
    others will hear and understand the Gospel. Learn why Pentecost is the
    Holy Spirit active in us towards others!
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  5. Spirit Empowered Speech
    From Acts 2:14-18 Continuing the theme of the previous message from Acts 2:1-4 we now see that Joel's prophecy empowers men and women, the old and the young and anyone who asks, with the Missional power of inspired speech.
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  6. Power to Grow
    From Acts 2:37-41 The first believers were Spirit-filled, Spirit-led and Spirit-directed/empowered for the purpose of witness. This message is about "Why we do what we do."
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    Messages 7-10 cover the core foundation
    of how the early church did church!

  7. The Spirit-Led Church
    From Acts 2:41-47 Part 1 covers vv. 42-43 regarding the apostle's teaching and how it is related to signs and wonders. God desires to give all of us 'inspired speech' to fulfill our mission and sings and wonders come with the package.
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  8. Spirit-Led Fellowship
    From Acts 2:41-47 Part 2 verses :42; 44-45 The power of being one in the Spirit was one of the ways the early church did church.
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  9. Breaking Bread in the Spirit
    Why love feasts and what's the real message of the "Road to Emmaus?"
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  10. Prophetic Praise and Prayer
    What is prophetic praise and how did it play a part in the early church doing church and how we need it today.
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    Messages 11-13 give insight to how the early church did healing!

  11. Prophetic Healing
    First of thee messages from Acts 3:1-16. Why is this healing a prophetic event? Is it possible for us today to speak this way into the lives of people around us?
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  12. Prophetic Healing and The Name of Jesus
    Second of two messages from Acts 3:1-16. So what's in a name? What was the lame man's name? What's so important about the name JESUS?
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