William H. Robertson
June 26, 1916 - May 3, 2013

Presenting Our Bodies to the Lord
Romans 12:1-2

A Note From Pastor Mike
     I have had the joy of knowing Rev. Bill Robertson for several years and have been blessed by him in many ways. He truly represents the theme of the Village Church of Laguna Woods Village, "Living a fruit bearing life into old age."  Psalm 92:14
     As someone said, "The score at halftime does not matter…it's the score at the end of the game that counts." Some put it this way, "What matters is how you finish." Well, Bill is not at the end of the game and he's not finished yet, but he sure is an example for living in the last quarter.
     He has been a mentor to hundreds students and pastors and to this pastor who has been blessed with his wisdom and insight into God's will and word.
     At 92 (when this message was given) he preaches a timeless and great Word-centered message full of hope and encouragement. You can download the handout in PDF and listen to the audio in MP3.

Thank you Bill for your love and obedience to the Lord

Rev. Bill Robertson

MP3 28 Min.  October 8, 2008
Handout PDF

Bill’s first memory of church was when his family attended the opening service of Angelus Temple, the church founded by Aimee Semple McPherson in Los Angeles. A few years later, at 9 years of age, he was riding home from church on a train when he heard God speak audibly to him and call him into the ministry.
     Bill was ordained with the Assemblies of God in 1942 and served some 15 years in pastoral ministry. In 1957 he was elected secretary/treasurer for the Southern California District. He held this position until 1968 when he became district superintendent, a post he filled until 1980. During the time he made several overseas preaching trips.
     From 1986 to 1996 Bill and his wife Jeanette lived in Singapore, where they were members at Trinity Christian Center. They then transferred to Guam, where Bill was senior associate pastor at International Christian Assembly in Barrigada. Since their return to the United States in 1999, they have served as consultants in the church ministries division of the Asia Pacific Education Office.