Marshall (Rob) Benson

March 29, 1949 -- November 20, 2007

Kathy Wallen's Tribute To Rob
Kathy wrote a song for Rob called "In His Chair" which reveals who Rob was.
In His Chair MP3

  Good Friday Prophecy
On Good Friday,
April 18, 2003, Rob
spoke a prophetic word to our congregation that
was powerful and
full of hope.

Kathy wrote "Watchman on The Wall" that was inspired by this prophecy! "Watchman On The Wall" MP3

    "Watchman, watchman are you watching for My coming? I have stepped across the threshold of Heaven. Gabriel stands beside Me with trump poised to blow as I call that the dead in Christ shall gather to meet in the clouds and return with Me to heaven.
    Do not be left behind. The wedding feast is prepared and ready. The table is heavy laden. The table is set for My return.
    As the ten virgins came with their lamps full of oil waiting for My return, the lamps ran out of oil. Five were prepared with oil to fill their lamps, five were not. Five went in search of oil. I came and the five who were prepared entered in. The door was closed. The five that were not prepared were left behind.

    Awake, awake-Church be awakened to see my coming. I said in My Word you would not know the day or the hour, however I never said you would not know the season.
    The season is NOW! Do not be left behind. The wedding feast is ready. I come for the bride and we return to heaven for the marriage feast and celebration. Be diligent in watching for My return that you not be left behind."

   When I walked into the Village Church in 1991 for the very first time, Rob Benson was behind the pulpit sharing a testimony. Over the next 17-years I saw him endure the crippling effects of diabetes.
    However, if you think that would have dampened his faith in God—you would be very wrong. Rob loved his Savior Jesus with an intense passion and knew that someday, either here or in heaven he would be healed and made whole.
    Rob was blessed with the gift of prophecy and often spoke forth a prophetic word in our meetings (see sidebar). Rob was an inspiration to all of us. He always had a word of encouragement to lift your eyes and spirit to Jesus.
                         Pastor Mike Bayer

From Rob's Family
[Photo left: Rob and his mother Mary]

Margie (Rob's Sister)
    My brother Rob was a wonderful person. He had patience, kindness, deep faith in God and many more great attributes. We were raised in Phoenix Arizona by two great parents. Our life was pretty much "leave it to beaver" life style. He was challenged at a young age of 8 with diabetes. He fought a good fight for many years against this dreadful disease. I will miss him very much, but he is in a better place.

Melissa (Rob's Niece)
    Uncle Rob was an amazing man. One that lived his entire life with ailments but was always so upbeat and never complained. He was a God serving man which provided him his strength and endurance of which I am so thankful to GOD that he was a believer and had God in his life.
    My fondest memories of my Uncle Rob were that he was always keen to what was going on and if one of us forgot something, he always knew and could remember what happened or who so and so was that said what. None of us could remember, but we could always count on Rob to be our memories. He also was there to remember for Grandma Mary and was an encyclopedia of sorts with not only our family history but with sports and other subjects that were in discussion. It was a privilege to have had him in our lives and we will miss him dearly but are glad to know that he is at rest with my grandparents, Mary and Marshall Benson.

[Photo Left: At Laguna Beach CA 2007]

Aunt Marj and Step-Uncle Brandon     Marshall (known to family as Rob) Benson was the epitome of perfection in his mind and heart despite the multiple physical problems he endured from childhood. When he was diagnosed with diabetes, his life expectancy was supposedly about thirty years. Well, he far surpassed that milestone. With his spirited determination, love of God, strong faith and improved medicine he trekked forward spreading his love, courage, strength, positiveness, timely advice, copious laughter and wonderful understanding of humanity.
    While in college Rob lost his eyesight almost overnight. He was so overwhelmed by this serious setback he retreated to his bedroom. After some time he blossomed into an active person and through the Blind Society ran a snack stand, with some help, in a local public building. Later he went to Tucson, Arizona by himself to do the same and to live alone as well. He had to vulnerably walk with his daily earnings to his hotel room with never a problem. He proved to himself and others that he could be productive and independent. It's quite amazing how well he did manage.
    After one of his myriad of health setbacks, he always came forth, when asked, with an "I'm just fine". He was a true inspiration, an amazing one of a kind person. May a piece of Marshall (Rob) Benson live on in all of us for he is free and at peace now. Years ago Rob told me the 'angels' would come for him when it was time. His angels did finally come for him and took him to a better place. It's our loss now.

Alice Hursh (Aunt)
    It seems so many years ago when Rob was diagnosed with diabetes. What a wonderful man he grew to be, steeped deeply in his faith, a true born again Christian, accepting God’s will with grace no matter what was dealt to him.
    His response to our often worried phone calls was always “I’m fine Aunt Alice, I really am!” When Rob’s time came I can just imagine his angels coming for him with the message, "God has sent for you." What a joyous occasion. How very pleased our Rob must have been. Now Rob is truly at peace!