Healing Acts of Faith
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!
John 5:1-9

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Healing Acts of Faith
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17 times Jesus healed all who were present, 47 times he healed one or two people-Jesus NEVER refused to heal someone. Many times He commanded people to do something to stir up a response of faith. What has he asked you to do to stir up your faith?

  A. Stirring up Faith
  God's word is full of challenges that would 'stir' us to
  faith.   Often Jesus commanded people to do things
  that 'prompted' a faith response:
  1. The man with the withered hand! "Stretch out your hand." Mat 12:9-14
  2. The raising of the widow's son! "I say to you, arise." Luke 7:11-17
  3. Healing of the 10 lepers! "Go, show yourselves…" Luke 17:12-19
  4. Man blind from birth! "Go, wash in the pool…" John 9:1-7
  5. Raising of Lazarus! "Lazarus, come forth...loose him…" John 11:38-44
  6. At the pool of Bethesda! "Rise, take up your bed and walk." John 5:1-9
What if…
  • The man with the withered hand had NOT stretched out his hand?
  • The widow's son refused to get out of the casket?
  • The lepers changed their mind and never went to show themselves?
  • The blind man decided to NOT go to the pool to wash?
…would they have been healed?

B. Stirred up Water or Stirred up Faith? John 5:1-9

    1. Waiting for something to happen! John 5:1-4
  • The pool at Bethesda-house of mercy!
  • These people were NOT waiting in faith! Isa 40:31
    2. The 38-Year Wait John 5:5-7
  • The severity of the man's infirmity :5
  • Jesus saw him-He sees us! :6
  • What do you want Jesus to do? :6
  • An answer or an excuse? How would you respond? :7
    3. The 3-Fold Command John 5:8
The Greek tense of this verse reveals the full meaning of Jesus words. "Arise, pick up your bed (a single event), and start walking (continuous action.)"
  • Rise: An impossible command unless the man has faith to believe. Faith and healing were immediate! :9
  • Take up your bed: Power over what had power over him! My real dependence (dependent faith) is upon the Word and work God.
  • Walk: By faith keep on walking in what God has done.
    4. Made Well John 5:4 and :9
Contrast waiting around the pool to be 'made well' and the man who met Jesus and was immediately 'made well.'

What is God telling you today that is stirring up your
faith for the immediate release of His will in your life?

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